About Us

We are Canada's 1st Cannabis Art Studio. Based out of Ladysmith in Vancouver Island, both our founders are active Medical Cannabis Patients in both the MMPR and ACMPR Health Canada Regulations. In our experience Cannabis has been an integral component towards a healthier, more connected lifestyle and is the inspiration behind our artwork.



  • Reshape the landscape and normalize how society views Cannabis in all its forms
  • Inspire those who suffer from pharmaceutical dependancy to research plant based medicines as the safer solution
  • Raise awareness towards Cannabis as a superior alternative to help treat PTSD, Depression, Cancer, Epilepsy, Chronic Pain and a list of Chronic Diseases
  • Support the Cannabis industry by being a positive voice in the movement

    One canvas at the time.

    Who We Are



    ACMPR Medical Marijuana Patient/Grower with a Human Kinetics Degree from the University of Guelph.  He brings a scientific based approach to Chronic Canvas along with extensive previous experience in the wellness & healthcare sector.  Shawn has used Cannabis for most of his life to manage his depression stemming from childhood PTSD.

    After getting his medical prescription back in August of 2015, Shawn finally realized he wasn't the 'stoner', 'burnout', 'drug-addict' that society had labeled him as.  His mission was born to #killthestigma





    Visual artist, designer and photographer born in Havana, and relocated to Canada in 2012, Roxana brings elite equipment along with her 10+ years of professional experience to Chronic Canvas. 

    Roxana has an eye for perfection and consistently strives to learn new techniques.  Stacked macros, lenticular imaging, cinemagraphs and light painting are among some of her favourite new styles. As life and business partners Roxana and Shawn have used their love as the seed of inspiration.  





    PTSD is a very misunderstood disease and can stem from a variety of sources. Trauma, whether it be sexual, physical or emotional all leave their marks. My trauma resulted in my inability to listen to authority...it got me fired from endless careers...it turned me violent..it alienated everyone close to me. Pharmaceuticals only made everything spiral out of control. Cannabis helped me quit the pills. Cannabis saved my relationship. Cannabis saved my life.”                                                Shawn Drew, Founder & CEO



    Cannabis has been our ancestor’s ally for millennia, and it was not until recently that its consumption was stigmatized. I wholeheartedly believe that the time has come for a new spotlight around Cannabis. My goal to use my skills to showcase the holistic beauty of the plant. I look forward to a world where cannabis is integrated in our culture globally and appreciated for what it truly is. A gift from Nature!        — Roxana Gonzalez, Founder & CCO

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