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The perception of cannabis is changing rapidly, but there are millions of people who still think of cannabis as a ‘gateway drug’ or ‘street weed’ bought from ‘drug dealers’. Those of us in the industry understand how misleading, and hurtful, those stigmas can be, but the options for converting the masses is difficult. So, how can we communicate the beautiful potential of cannabis without hopping on a soap box? One way is with art. And not just any art, cannabis art. Manifested by creativity and driven by passion, Chronic Canvas is bringing cannabis decor main stream. Shawn Drew, co-founder and CEO of Chronic Canvas, shares the story behind his unique business and why you should consider adding one of their pieces to your wall.

How did you get started? How big is the team at Chronic Canvas?

We officially launched our Chronic Canvas line June 3rd, 2016 at Higher Limits in Windsor Ontario, Canada’s largest cannabis lounge.  Our company is a two person show operated by Roxana and myself.   Our company mission ‘germinated’ after ‘Project Claudia’, a series of police raids in Toronto that resulted in Canadian Cannabis patients handcuffed in local dispensaries. The news and police reports painted the community with bias and ignorance; our fellow patients were under attack. Roxana and I realized the Cannabis community needed a non-illicit way to show their support.

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